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    Data Ireland
    Data Ireland is the nation's leading provider of business
    and consumer data and information management services.
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    Business.ie is the online resource to help you
    increase your sales, source suppliers and reach
    the top business-to-business contacts with Ireland's
    most comprehensive database.
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    A New Postcode System For Ireland

Organisations are part of the fabric of the society and environment they operate in. This fabric has a twin i.e. the information that describes it. One cannot have information without data, and so any organisation that operates using only the data it produces internally is operating using just part of the intelligence it needs. There’s so much “other data” that resides outside of your business that is essential for organisational effectiveness.

At Data Ireland our aim is to be your external data partner of choice. We maintain all the external data you require to support your hierarchy of business processes i.e. from strategic planning, through business generation and on-boarding, to customer operations. Outsource to us those specialist data processes that are too costly and too esoteric to provide in-house.

Use Data Ireland’s torch to see clearly everywhere you serve your customers. Explore our broad range of services below and find your way to realising your vision for your organisation.

Your Partner for External Data and Business Intelligence.

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