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PrecisionAddress is the only address verification tool developed by Data Ireland. Leverage our superior, up-to-date address data, collected and maintained in conjunction with Ordnance Survey Ireland, paired with the most powerful verification engine in the market today.

  • Improved search format
  • Speed of search – instant return of data
Smart Search Capabilities
  • Ireland’s largest key word alias and misspelling reference table
  • Enter part of an address, or the address backwards (E.g. Baggot Street Upper)
  • Improved noise/vanity words
  • Spelling corrections
  • Don’t need a perfect address to return a result
  • Returns a clean address and/or the input address
Fully Eircode Enabled
  • Your users or customers can have the option of starting with the address or the eircode
Geographic Addresses
  • Users are presented with the geographic or commonly used version of addresses as opposed to the postal compliant address
Irish Addresses
  • 2.1m addresses in Irish
  • Search result can be in Irish or English
Business Addresses
  • You can search for business addresses from the full database of business records
  • 210,000 business records included
Address Mapping
  • Accurate mapping of addresses
  • Can offer directions in the mapping feature
  • Allows user to pinpoint exact address based on map location
Customisable Options
  • Customisable design
  • Switch on Map feature
  • Switch on Directions on Map feature
  • Search result to appear in Irish or English
  • Customisable added variables
  • Can return either the clean address and/or the input address
Customisable Options
  • Quick & easy to implement
  • Plugin which means you can just drop into your website or web application
  • Our APIs provides the service as a fast direct webservice call
  • You can customise to your design requirements
  • Up and running in less than 2 hours
  • No big integration challenges
  • Standardised web requirements
  • Can easily replace any existing address validation protocols with minimal IT investment and user change
Additional Variables
  • Immediate access to profiling and risk data at point of entry
  • Flood Risk Scores
  • Census variables
  • Geodemographic OGHAM™ codes
  • Business data variables (industry sector)
  • Spatial co-ordinates
  • Building type
  • PostAim code
Bespoke Integration
  • You can map each address line to your specific database requirements
  • Each data element is returned in an easily identifiable format
Mobile Friendly
  • Can be implemented equally on desktop and mobile devices
Support & Back-Up
  • Reliable 24/7 service
  • Technical support
  • Address Management

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