PrecisionAddress+™ can now help you improve your business in many ways. Fully configurable to enrich your customer data with a wealth of information PrecisionAddress+™ not only verifies addresses in real-time but simultaneously enhances your data. The many layers of information available address a multitude of business challenges across all functions in your organisation.

  • Compliance – GDPR requires higher standards of customer data accuracy and management. PrecisionAddress+™ gives you the confidence that you’re fulfilling your obligations for address accuracy.

  • Data Analytics – Adding layers of information to give you a multi-dimensional picture of individual customers provides your Data Analytics function a depth of data to integrate with behavioural and transactional data and deliver powerful modelling.

  • New Customer Sales – Adding geodemographic segmentation with OGHAM™ arms you with the information needed to target new customers far more accurately.

  • Customer Marketing – Improved customer analytics and more targeted customer acquisition empowers your customer marketing team to increase customer retention and growth.

  • Geographic Information Systems – A range of geographic variables such as Latitude/Longitude, Small Area Boundaries and Electoral Divisions can be overlaid to support your GIS applications.

  • DigitalPrecisionAddress+™ helps smooth the customer journey online all the way from first engagement to product delivery.

PrecisionAddress+™ already helps a number of Ireland’s leading companies improve their processes and deliver more effective customer service.

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