Open Data as a Service (ODaaS)

Data Ireland offers the facility for public service organisations who do not have the resources or skills needed to publish their open data, or those organisations who decide that an outsourced Open Data solution is the best option for them. These organisations engage our data specialists to publish and maintain their data for them. We call this our Open Data as a Service (ODaaS) offering.

Our service has two main dimensions: initial publication and ongoing updates. Although there are variations in technical aspects depending on the environment and type of data storage used by each organisation, the process we use has a fixed set of tasks that apply irrespective of the environment.

Data Management

Data Ireland provides a full Data Management service for the open data that it hosts. This includes:

  • Securing the data, including data access management.
  • Space provisioning and utilisation management.
  • Performance management, including maintaining acceptable response times.
  • Maintenance and monitoring of operations 24x365.
  • Data/database reorganisation where relevant.
  • Data back-up.
  • Data Centre management to best-in-class standards.
  • Disaster planning and recovery e.g. dual site support.

Our facility is managed as a unit so we provide one standard quality service for all the data that we host.

Our experienced data management experts, are available to talk you through our ODaaS process anytime in more detail. They will advise you on what will work best for your organisation.