OGHAM™: Geodemographic Segmentation Model

Ireland's most accurate and predictive geodemographic segmentation model. Built using our national address database overlaid with geographic and aggregated and anonymised Census, OGHAM™ provides the most granular Irish geodemographic segmentation model available.

Every Irish household is allocated into one of 36 Lifestage and Affluence segments with insightful lifestyle overlays. From 'Early Starters' to 'Affluent Commuters', Data Ireland has the full Irish household population accurately classified. With a high level of accuracy you can predict the likely profile of each individual household in Ireland by:

  • Lifestage
  • Affluence
  • Lifestyle characteristics
  • Geographical location

Generating an OGHAM™ profile for your customer base, or key segments within it, gives you:

  • A unique level of insight into who purchases your products and services.
  • Immediate access to a pool of partially qualified leads from our consumer prospect database of over 2m addresses pre-coded using OGHAM™.
  • The option to overlay customer profile with geographic information (e.g. store catchment areas or service areas), creating a highly targeted pool of prospects.

The predictive power of each OGHAM™ category gives an indication of future behaviour and allows you to either react to customer needs or anticipate them or both.

To find out how OGHAM™ can give you increased levels of consumer targeting, to reduce costs and maximise return on all your marketing initiatives, call our team on 01 858 4800 or info@dataireland.ie