Lead Locator App for iPhone & iPad

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Whether you are out on the road, wrapping up a meeting or at your desk, you’ll never miss an opportunity to find new sales leads in your location.

With its simple interface and intuitive design, Lead Locator can be targeted to any location in seconds. You can also save those important leads to your favourites list so you can retrieve them later.

With over 80,000 companies, Lead Locator is built on Ireland’s most comprehensive and up to date business database, Business.ie. You can search all businesses in Ireland by sector, number of employees and location.

Lead Locator provides you with immediate sales leads in the palm of your hand. Make more money by finding the right companies to speak to for your product or service, and accelerate your sales cycle.

Create your free account now and get a 7 day free trial.

With Lead Locator you can identify potential customers in your current location (using the iPhone/iPad GPS technology) and mop up extra business, or plan your lead generation around a specific location. View businesses on a map and access contact details to make your sales call direct, relevant and effective.

Lead Locator is the only application of its kind available in Ireland. It’s also the only App that can create an immediate and substantial increase to your income by fine tuning your lead selection and giving you immediate contact information for your sales call.

For more information visit www.leadlocator.ie

To find out more about how Lead Locator can deliver you with immediate sales leads, subscribe at www.leadlocator.ie, call our team on 01 858 4800 or info@dataireland.ie