Data Quality Management

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Inaccurate data and data that hasn’t been kept up-to-date will adversely affect every aspect of your business. Business planning becomes impossible because the data doesn’t reflect the current situation. Normal operations such as selling are made difficult e.g. customer contact may not be possible. Decision-making may be flawed because the inputs to your decisions are incorrect. As the old adage goes: “Garbage in - Garbage out”.

Data Ireland has over 25 years’ experience in Data Quality Management (DQM) for Ireland’s leading companies in every sector. Our addressing data is comprehensive, in both English and Irish languages, and supports multiple aliases for every place name.

Our DQM Engine is capable not only of cleansing data but also enriching and appending other data such as Risk Data, Eircodes and geodemographic classes (OGHAM™). We have tuned its matching accuracy over many years, and being recognised experts in Irish addresses we are confident it’s the best available in the marketplace.

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