Access Ireland’s largest Consumer Database

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Data Ireland is the nation's most successful list expert. We are specialists in helping businesses extract the right mailing list, calling list or email list. Direct Mail is an extremely effective marketing tool but if you’re using an inaccurate, out-of-date list to target prospects, it is costly and wasteful. Data Ireland will help you avoid this by analysing customers and targeting similar prospects for a higher response rate.

Data Ireland manages a number of different targeted consumer databases that can be used for a variety of applications, including customer acquisition, targeting & analysis, name & address verification and name & address cleaning.

Our Irish Consumer Marketing Database is Ireland’s largest, most up to date quality consumer list. It gives you much more choice and scope for selecting your target consumer base. We keep this list continuously up-to-date so you have the most recent data available.

View the range of target lists you can choose from the Irish Consumer Marketing Database including Young Mothers, Young Families, Over 50's, Insurance Renewals, ABC1s, Charity Donors, Foodies, Affluent Investors, Home Owners, Current Affairs, Home & Garden, Mail Order Buyers, and DIY.

Find out more about this rich source of data as well as other consumer targeting services available: