Business Intelligence

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We have the data and the tools to provide the business insights you need to compete and win. Data Ireland’s Business Intelligence services can reveal important and valuable truths about your business.

You can understand your business only by analysing its relationship with the world it serves, not confining your analysis to the business dealings you have had. This requires matching what you know with what can be deduced from a range of data sources e.g. demographics, business risks, geography and so on. Here are some examples of what we can do.

Who are your customers?

We can reveal who your customers are and point you to prospects that are have similar characteristics. Using our data we look at them in the context of their overall environment. We profile them in a more concise way than would be possible using your own data sources alone.

Product/market match and segmentation

Our analysis can reveal how your products serve each demographic class, in what areas your products are performing well, and where market needs exist that are not being addressed by current products. We can demonstrate how to segment your market differently and more effectively.

What is your market share?

Most companies have a very poor view of their market share. Our data and analytics tools help you measure the size of the opportunity you are targeting and the part you have already won.

How can you better retain your customers?

You cannot tell much from your transaction data about the customers that are leaving you and why. By pooling your data with ours and applying our analytics tools we can generate an analysis that reveals far more about your ‘churn’ than would be possible using just your internal data.

Where should you locate your next outlet?

Network planning is a huge challenge for every organisation that sells or provides services through physical outlets. Bad planning can be hugely expensive. By combining our special geo tools, demographics, address expertise, and cultivated data farm with your business data and objectives / preference criteria, we can model your network to reveal the optimum location for your new outlets. We can also assess the relative suitability of current outlet locations.

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