Data Ireland Launches PrecisionAddress+

Data Ireland Launches PrecisionAddress+™

Data Ireland today announced the release of its latest version of PrecisionAddress, which they call PrecisionAddress+™.

This latest version introduces exciting new functionality (the “+”) that helps solve some of today’s most challenging business problems, including:

  • Risk and fraud management
  • Theft of goods, particularly from online sales transactions
  • On-boarding process effectiveness and smoothing the customer journey
  • GDPR compliance, particularly data accuracy
  • Building 360° customer data in a compliant way
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)

In addition to the established address correction and data appending features that previous versions of the product are known for, PrecisionAddress+™ helps you build up a three-dimensional picture of each of your customers by facilitating the overlay of different layers of information from not just your own internal sources, but also from external databases hosted by Data Ireland.

Commenting on the release, Data Ireland’s Director of Sales and Marketing, John Mc Callion, said:

“This cloud-hosted innovation from Data Ireland enables for our clients a deeper customer understanding, an enhanced process-driven customer view. In so doing it allows these businesses to relate to their customers more effectively throughout the customer lifecycle from the very first engagement.”

To find out more about this remarkable product release, go to or call our sales team on +353 1 858 4800.