Visit us at the ISME Annual Conference, 2017.

  • November, 2017

Data Ireland is delighted to announce that once again we will be participating in the ISME Annual Conference in City West on 3rd November, stand A19.


Ireland’s biggest B2B database just got bigger.

  • April, 2017

Dublin, Ireland - 08 Apr 2017: Data Ireland today announced a major new release of its flagship B2B data base product, This new release adds another 75,000 Irish businesses to its online directory. makes simple the key tasks of finding new customers, unearthing new opportunities, getting the right contacts and growing your business generally. It provides all the contacts you will ever need and a means to select them using a whole range of criteria.


Constrained Visions

  • February, 2017

The constrained visions of analytics.

Let’s suspend reality and take the following scenario to start us off. The starship Enterprise has dropped out of warp in an unmapped part of the galaxy. Captain Kirk, the CEO of the ship, has one thing on his mind. “I need to get the nearest green skinned lady at all costs?”


Good News as Data Ireland Receives Eircode Accredited Encoder Status

  • December, 2016

Data Ireland is delighted to announce that it has successfully undertaken the Eircode providers additional accreditation programme. This programme is designed to ensure a high level of matching and accuracy appending Eircodes to address records.


Get to Know Your Customer Even Better

  • May, 2016

OGHAM™ is Data Ireland’s unique household level geodemographic consumer classification model. It combines both geographic and demographic information to define all Irish households by Lifestage, Affluence and Lifestyle Preferences.