Supporting direct online sales for Allianz

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In Ireland's highly competitive insurance sector, Allianz needs to deliver excellent service as well as added convenience for its customers. Working with Data Ireland has helped Allianz do more with its online channel, while ensuring smooth integration with its wider systems.

Allianz and Data Ireland solution at a glance

  • PrecisionAddress provides real-time address verification for customers seeking insurance quotes direct from the Allianz website
  • System replaces paper-based procedure, eliminating time-consuming manual re-keying of customer information
  • Full integration with Allianz back-office system and customer databases allows rapid follow-up to quotation requests
  • Comprehensive information from Data Ireland means all customer addresses are accurately pinpointed, including challenging rural addresses
  • Efficiencies achieved in its online channel open the door for Allianz to enhance its website with direct sales of additional product types

"We needed a solution to integrate online with our back office"

Alan Lynn, Project Manager at Allianz, says that Data Ireland provided critical support to Allianz in its objective to sell policies online more efficiently.

"Previously, our website was bringing in quotations that were not integrated with the backend, which led to re-keying of information. We needed a solution to integrate online with our back-office systems. Now PrecisionAddress verifies the customer's address online when the quote details are given, and those details are integrated into our systems, even if the purchase isn't completed online. It's been a great new opportunity for us to gather address data for analysis."

A long-term partnership for better customer data

A long-term partnership with Data Ireland has assisted Allianz in validating address information in the Allianz client database. Data Ireland's OGHAM™ geodemographic segmentation model also offers Allianz deeper profiling insights about its customers, which improves its ability to target and customise offers in a highly competitive insurance marketplace.

"Data Ireland gives us a reliable service and accurate address information -- that is so important, especially when it comes to townlands, where a resident may call the address something but it's known differently in the database," Alan said. "The fact that we can get additional information from OGHAM™ is important for what we're doing with our business."