The power of better data for a growing brand

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Airtricity is a major emerging brand in the energy sector, and its work with Data Ireland has given it the power to compete against the country's established energy companies. Collecting and analysing a large, verified pool of customer information delivers insight that lends real focus to Airtricity's business development and customer retention activities.

Airtricity and Data Ireland solution at a glance

  • Data Ireland's GeoDirectory mapping allows Airtricity to equip its door-to-door sales force with optimal suggested route maps on their handheld devices
  • In the event of a sale, the salesperson uses Data Ireland PrecisionAddress via the handheld, to ensure accurate capture of the customer's verified address
  • Real-time capture and wireless transfer of new customer details shortens the purchase-to-pay cycle, optimising revenues for the growing company
  • System replaces previous manual process for door-to-door sales, eliminating the risk and delay of capturing customer information on paper
  • Data Ireland's OGHAM™ database provides demographic and socio-economic classification of households, helping Airtricity focus its sales activities

Data Ireland has played a big part in our ability to scale up

John Ross, Information Technology Architect with Airtricity, says working with Data Ireland has helped the company turn its fast-growing customer database into a significant knowledge asset.

"In the past few years we've gone from 40,000 customers to 800,000 customers, and Data Ireland has played a big part in our ability to scale up. We find them excellent to work with: they're great for giving ideas on what we can do next, because they've so much experience working with companies like ours, who deal with customers by address, socioeconomic group and lifestyle. One of our main competitors, Electric Ireland, was established in 1927 and Bord Gais is nearly 40 years old. They have a much greater amount of customer information available to work with. But we have information at scale now because our customer base has grown so much. Data Ireland is helping us work with that information and make our sales process much more effective."

Future proofing the organisation

Richer data sets and customer insights also pave the way for the company to change the way it sells its products. In other territories Airtricity has already moved away from door-to-door sales; a well-segmented customer database and enhanced customer lists from Data Ireland open the possibility for Airtricity to increase its usage of sales strategies like direct mail. "It's all about ensuring our database becomes a strategic asset," John said. "That's what Data Ireland is helping us achieve."